Meet the Pastors

Pastors Wyatt And Debbie Brown

PastorsCut_out copyRev. Wyatt A. Brown
For over twenty years Pastor Wyatt Brown has traveled the world demonstrating that God’s principals work in any country or culture.

Agreeing with God and walking in victory keynote Pastor Wyatt Brown’s life and ministry. “You don’t have to talk God into anything He thought of, you only have to agree with Him.” His straight forward and down-to-earth approach is often filled with humor and always with power. He delivers messages filled with practical everyday application. Pastor Wyatt’s passion is to empower and enable people, leaving them better than when they came.

Debbie Brown
Wife, mother, pastor, Christian leader; many words could be used to describe Debbie Brown. But, she is best characterized as a woman determined to please God. Her heart’s desire, to be approved of by her Heavenly Father, is expressed in every message. You will laugh and cry as she gives practical wisdom for applying the Word and walking in everyday victory.

“I am so thankful that God, the Creator of everything, invited me to be His child and one of His ministers.” Her close walk with the Holy Spirit and genuine gratitude is contagious. Debbie is well aware that God has taken her from ordinary stock to be a vessel used by the King. She will challenge you to come up in your expectations of God doing great things in your life.